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Coda for sales & success teams

When it comes to something as important as converting and retaining customers, your team has to be a well-oiled machine. Coda is the all-in-one doc that coordinates the moving pieces and keeps the sales engine humming.

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Information is for closers.
Between project-planning, lead-chasing, feedback loops, and pipeline analysis, it’s easy for priorities and insights to get lost in the hustle. Coda docs, like the ones in this unify every effort and initiative, so your team is primed with the knowledge they need to win business and spot opportunities.
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Ramping up on Coda does’t mean starting from scratch. We’ve got a full of innovative playbooks published by some of the most inventive thinkers and makers out there. To put these docs to work for your team, just click “Copy doc” and start making them your own.
Founder CRM Template_X.png
Founder CRM Template
Atli Thorkelsson
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Intent HQ’s Sales Forecaster_X.png
Intent HQ’s Sales Forecaster
Jonathan Lakin
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The Conversational Support Funnel Toolkit_X.png
The Conversational Support Funnel Toolkit
Zara Burke
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"We use Coda for things like pricing sheet and calculators, strategy documentation, project execution tracking, and briefs for new initiatives.”
Pablo, Sr. Director of Growth
Every customer on the planet is looking for wide open communication channels and someone who can anticipate their needs. With a template like the , you can collaborate in a unified surface, share updates, celebrate wins, and nix potential problems.
Plays nicely with the rest of your tools.
With Packs and integrations via , you can connect your doc with the other apps you use. Use the to plug in your pipeline, opportunities, and account data. Or streamline your access controls and membership management with the . The long list of integrations just keeps growing, and if you don’t see the one you need, you can simply create your own.
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A few of the 25,000+ teams that 🏃‍♀️ on Coda.
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How much does Coda cost?
Anyone can start with Coda for free! Coda offers additional paid tiers that unlock advanced features, including an enterprise tier with additional support, professional services, and increased doc size limits.
My IT team would like to know more about security and privacy
Coda was engineered for enterprises from the start, thanks to our founding team who built major systems at Microsoft and Google, and to our earliest users coming from multi-national corporations. We’ve worked hard to ensure Coda fits your enterprise systems with SSO and SAML 2.0 support and meets enterprise-level security standards with SOC 2 Type II, as well as GDPR and CCPA compliance. And we take privacy seriously: Data is encrypted at rest and in motion, protected by role, and audited by alerts. So your data is safe with us, and from us.
More details on our privacy and security stipulations can be found at .
Can you just make me a company success plan please?
😄 Gladly. Just type /customer success plan in any doc, or take a look at this copy-able template:
How did you make this landing page?
It’s a published Coda doc! Learn more about publishing at .
Can you please show me how to use Coda for amazing client meetings?
You’re in luck! We host webinars on running meetings with Coda every few weeks. See the full schedule at
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